Just what are all those lines for?

When you first look at a badminton court, you can be forgiven for thinking it has a lot of lines. This is mainly due to the fact that the court is increased for both songs and also doubles, which utilize a little different court dimensions.

The outermost lines create the increases court. In a doubles rally, the shuttle bus is enabled to land anywhere on the court.

The songs side lines are not the outermost lines, however the next ones in. Taken together with the outermost (doubles) side lines, these make slim street forms along the sides of the court.

So here’s an additional method to think about it: the side tramlines are in for increases, however out for songs.

All the various other lines are for serving

There are still three lines we have not reviewed yet. These lines mean absolutely nothing during the major rally, as well as just use when you’re offering. This resembles just how a tennis court has unique lines for serving.


Offering is exactly how you begin the rally: a person has to hit the shuttle bus! To stop the server gaining a frustrating advantage, there are special constraints put on serving that don’t use throughout the rest of the rally.

The receiver is the person who strikes the second shot in the rally. In doubles, the receiver’s companion is not enabled to hit this shot.

How to serve

In badminton, the offer need to be hit in an upwards instructions, with an underarm striking activity. You are not allowed to play a tennis design serve.

The primary policy here is that when you struck the shuttle, it needs to be listed below your midsection. To be exact, the regulations specify this to be an elevation level with the most affordable component of your ribcage. Simply puts, you can serve from a little bit greater than the top of your shorts, however very little.

Service courts

The service courts are smaller box shapes inside the court. We’ll look at just what they are utilized for momentarily, but initially let’s get the right boxes.

Notification that the tennis court has a line down the center, prolonging from the back to near the net; this is the centre line. These 2 lines develop a T form where they satisfy.

A singles service court is a box made from 4 lines:

The centre line
A songs side line (within side line).
The front service line.
The back line (the outdoors one, completely at the back).
In your corner of the web, you have two solution courts: your ideal solution court, as well as your left solution court. The exact same holds true for your challenger.

The doubles service courts are a little various. They are larger, due to the fact that they use the outside side line (keep in mind: the increases court is wider); and also they are much shorter, since they utilize the inside back line.